Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just DAMN (chip).

R.I.P "Leo"

I write because I am sad. I write because this is reality. I write because I am not perfect. I write because I fucked up.

Living on the farm isn't always unicorns and rainbows..frankly it's really never unicorns and rainbows; it's just plain hard.

We  raise predators and we raise prey.

When you live on a farm you cannot make mistakes; because when you do something dies.

Obviously we try not to screw things up, but sometimes being in a hurry things just don't work out. I am always in a hurry, it's just my nature. I do things on schedule and typically the same everyday.

This particular day, I changed my routine which cost a life.

The daily routine includes feeding, exercising dogs, grazing the sheep, and making sure everyone is secure. There cannot be any breach of security, because the predator will find it.

On this particular day I had my 3 rams grazing in the barnyard behind 2 locked gates. I had to close the barn door otherwise they will get the hay, which means my rooster and my turkey are locked out of their little safe haven for the day. (no big deal) The 2 plucky boys cruise around out there all day every day. Behind 2 LOCKED gates.

I needed to put the rams up before letting dogs out, so I went in the main gate, locked up the boys and opened the barn for the turkey and the rooster. I exited the barn yard into the dog yard, not realizing the gate didn't "click" in fact the gate had hung up on some weeds, and just didn't fucking latch.

Guarding his yard
I went about business as usual. Letting dogs into their appropriate places (the same places every day) for exercise.

Mistake #2: I went into the house to answer a text. I heard nothing. Ron and I chatted about his day and talked about dinner arrangements. my last words were "I am headed to feed the barn area" I'll catch up with you out there.

I enter through locked gate #1..I see that the locked gate number 2 is wide open and there are no dogs in the yard. FUCK is right..

Chip has been longing to kill the turkey, Chip has a fetish with the turkey and cannot handle the "rush". The turkey has a fetish with Chip and cannot stop teasing him through the fence..behind that locked gate. That locked gate that is now wide open..SHIT. It took Chip less than 2 seconds I bet to figure out that gate was not latched tight. CHIP MISSES NOTHING.

I don't even want to walk in there..I already have that gut feeling.
I call the dogs, I put them away, now noticing why the gate didn't latch.

I peel the turkey off the ground...he is so stressed he cannot breathe. His wounds are basically from feather pulling and one gutted him, or broke his throat or ripped his legs off...however he is gasping for air. We get him on a blanket..

I check him in the night, he still is gasping. I know the end is coming..

We never set out to have a turkey, because of this reason. We raise predator dogs that's what makes them good at what they do WORK. The turkey was a rescue from a parking wasn't until we got the turkey that we knew Chip had a fetish to kill the turkey. For 3 years we have stressed about keeping this guy safe. He was locked in the barn every night and Chip was NEVER allowed behind those gates, until he was on his own merit.

The turkey was a complete asshole at times, but a complete comedian at times. He fed the sheep with us every night, making sure he sampled each type of grain being put out there. He helped at the jug pens, when ewes would get out he would herd them back in. He knew when people were scared of him and he terrorized them to the fullest. He often tried to terrorize us as well, however a swift swat and he would stop. We actually became fond of this guy.. I am so sad, more that I am sad that I was the one who fucked up and caused it to happen. I will bury this guy today with his pound cake that he never got to eat. He loved his snacks..RIP big guy I am so sorry I fucked up.


  1. We were just speaking of this. Life on a farm is full of tragedy.

    I am SO sorry. Hugs to you White Foot.